We would like you to prayerfully consider being a part of our Leadership Team that helps to shape the direction of this ministry according to the will of the LORD.  Commitment to this role would include dedicating time, energy, and prayer to the work of Designs For Hope.  This organization needs a team of leaders who work together to effectively seek to establish a Christ-centered ministry that makes a true impact in the lives of those in the developing world.  

We would ask you to consider your other life and time commitments prior to making this decision.  If you desire to be a part of this team, we would ask that you earnestly seek to make an effort to follow through with your commitment. 

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Leadership Team
Would you be interested in being an active member on the Leadership Team?
Time Commitment
Check what box(es) you would typically be available to meet (Weekdays). I would like to meet on a monthly basis to discuss/pray as a team. Trying to find times that work for most people.
Areas of Service
What part of our ministry would you like to help lead?
Knowing our ministry, where do you think your gifts would best be used?
What concerns do you have about being a part of this team?
Vision Casting Retreat
Would you be free to spend a Friday night/Saturday morning in the future for the purpose of vision casting and planning? This would be spent away home and collectively with the others on this team.