What We Can Offer You

As a team of engineers, designers, inventors, and problems solvers we are capable of finding creative solutions to everyday needs found across the globe.  

We offer already designed product for you to take with you to countries you are serving in.  We also offer custom designed solutions to large-scale problems.



Bicycle Powered Electricity

Who knew that the simple act of a bicycle tire riding down the road could produce life-changing electricity. Electricity flows from an electric generator into a proprietary circuit.  The circuit makes it possible to transfer this electricity into a battery for storage.  After riding home from the market or from school, the user can use his battery to run low voltage LED lights, or charge his cell phone, or more. Readily available electrical power has made huge impacts on the daily lives of many individuals.

Installation and Maintenance

Solar Powered Electricity

The use of solar power in developing countries is ever increasing; however the solar cube has advantages other common designs lack.  The product was designed to be portable and easy to use at the same time, battery managing technology built into the electrical circuit monitors battery charge makes sure the product will last.



Commonly called "miracle buckets" by our recipients, this product is unequivocally deemed as a life-saving product.  Simplicity is at the core of this design.  No drilling water wells, no carbon filters, and no chemicals are needed to produce clean drinking water.  

Installation and Maintenance

Large Scale Projects:

We offer custom larger scale design and implementation.  Such could be the design of a solar powered system to run a hospital in Kenya or to design a water pumping system for an orphanage in Uganda.


Interested in allowing us to help?  

Please don't hesitate to contact us to begin a dialogue of how we can partner to bring hope to this world.