A Designs For Hope team traveled to Southern India to work alongside our ministry partners there.  Along with the encouragement and support, we were able to visit a lot with the children of their Mercy Homes.  


A team traveled to Western Kenya in July 2017 to work alongside two of our partners in the region.  While we were there we provided midsize solar units for churches that can power PA Systems, overhead lights, and more.  We also provided these same church leaders with individual solar kits and water filters for their ministries.    

For a second ministry, we installed a solar water pump for pulling water from a deep borehole (330 feet deep).  This water is being pumped into a large storage tank and then given to the community.


A team traveled to Western Kenya to provide Pastor training, solar power, and water filtration to one of our partnership organizations.  The goal of DFH is to empower the Church to better serve their community.  


A team of Designs For Hope staff and a large group of volunteers from five different churches made a return trip to Bwera, Uganda.  Our team, once again, partnered with the Evangelical Orthodox Church of Uganda in support for the work they are doing in this very rural region of Uganda and in parts of the Congo.  Our team placed and additional 18 bicycle generator kits and 150 water filtration kits and were able to check on the product placed in the region the previous year.  In addition to the DFH product, our team helped lay the foundation of their local church building, visited 8 schools (and over 5,000 students), held a medical clinic for the community, and most importantly, conducted additional theological training for local pastors.  This was one of our best trips to date! 

"Greetings from Bwera -Uganda. We praise God for your safe arrival to USA. We thank you so much for the great work done by the Designs For Hope team in our area. Hundreds of people heard the the gospel of Christ from Designs For Hope team through school and clinic evangelism. We appreciate the efforts which the team made to lay the foundation of the church building. The Bible training has empowered our pastors to serve Jesus. Every body who received a water bucket and bicycle generator is saying thank you all. The many lives you treated and medically checked is a clear testimony of Christ's Healing Mission. We are now working towards completing Mama Sabina Health Center." Kato Stephen

A team of Designs For Hope personnel and volunteers traveled to Bwera, Western Uganda in partnership with the Evangelical Orthodox Church of Uganda.  Our team placed 20 bicycle generator kits and 60 water filtration kits in addition to theological training and community development.

"Your coming to E.O.C. in Uganda has changed the lives of many people. We long to receive you again." Masereka Tidori Richard

A team of Designs For Hope personnel traveled to Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India in partnership the Indian Christian Mission (ICM) Church, a member of the Anglican Orthodox Churches.  Our team placed 20 bicycle generator kits and 20 water filtration kits in addition to theological training and community development. 

"We have  power cuts due to very shortage of power during this summer. But due to the cycle Generators, the Pastors who have received the bicycle generators are really and verily blessed like anything as they could go to remote villages and used this generator for lighting. They have also used theses generators while they are at home. Their children could study during the nights under the lights through the generators."   - Dr. John Nakka (ICM)


uganda 2013 head.png

A team of 15 traveled to Lira, Northern Uganda in partnership with Sulphur Springs Baptist Church in Trussville, Alabama and Jehovah Shalom Church, Uganda.  Our team placed 52 bicycle generator kits and 50 water filtration kits in addition to theological training and community development.

"Sincerely everybody is rejoicing and enjoying using the generators. It has helped them to recharge phones, helped their wives with lighting systems in their muddy kitchens. The system is really bright and I personally am using it at home when there is no electricity. The water filters are wonderful and they have nicknamed them the Miracle buckets because it will purify your water instantly and straight for drinking."       - Pastor Anthony, Jehovah Shalom Church